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Reaching higher by going deeper

Ambitious in your career or in your leadership? Or are you facing obstacles in your functioning? In a short, thorough and very effective trajectory, I coach you towards your goal: meaning in your work, a realistic path to your perfect job, growing in skills such as self-confidence, or strengthening your leadership identity.

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  • Certified at the highest international level.
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The Netherlands has about 60,000 coaches. Mostly people who have overcome an obstacle themselves, and with that experience + a course they want to help people achieve the same. The intentions are good. Unfortunately, the result is often not. They conclude a standard test without looking at you as a person, your blind spots remain unnoticed, or they let themselves be fooled by the protection mechanisms you use unconsciously.

Permanently unlocking your full potential, strengthening your personal skills, or permanently leaving your struggles behind: these (uncertified) coaches usually do not succeed in this.

Things can be different. Fortunately. As long as you know how. And I can help you with that as a Master Coach for career and leadership issues.


Why coaching with Marco Tieleman of Coaching Rotterdam?

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Certified at the highest level

With 2 x the highest coaching certification you can get in Europe, and the experience of hundreds of coachees who have been helped by my conversations, I am capable of coaching you very effectively towards deep insight, and lasting (behavioural) change.

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Global approach:
Coaching with head, heart and gut

In business, we are too often 'in our heads'. That's why I focus on coaching with head, heart and gut. That is knowing, feeling and longing. Only the strengthening of all three pillars ensures deeper growth as a person. So that you can peak higher as a professional.

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Meetbaar resultaat:
Objectief en zwart op wit

Te vaak wordt een goed gevoel na een coachgesprek verward met ‘resultaat boeken’. Daarom werk ik met wetenschappelijke vragenlijsten die de voortgang meten voor, tijdens en na het coachtraject. Je voortgang is objectief, meetbaar en zichtbaar.

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Who is Coaching Rotterdam for?

For ambitious CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals. They want to work on personal and professional growth, and are willing to invest in it. To overcome obstacles and achieve goals. For meaning and self-confidence. For peace of mind and body.

Becoming stronger as a professional

When you get stuck in your work. suffer from insecurity, stress, lack of assertiveness. Or lack meaning...

...and when group trainings are too general, a book doesn't help, and you don't have the answers yourself...

...then it's nice to know I can help you make a lasting change in just a few sessions. I know where to look to let you find the solution yourself.

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Taking firm steps in your career

If you want to live up to your high ambition as a professional. If you want to make the most of your talents...

...and if books, general training, or conversations with colleagues don't provide the depth and speed you need...

...then you need a catalyst that will get you where you want to be fast. I do that in 3-5 sessions, possibly with a career analysis. For motivation, behavioural styles and work energy.

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Growing deeper as a leader

 If dilemmas keep you from sleeping. You want to spar over important decisions as a leader. Or about your leadership identity...

...and you lack an independent and critical conversation partner at work or in your network...'ll find in me an expert on the same level, well-equipped for leadership issues. All 100+ leaders I coached grew and progressed.

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Peaking higher as a leader

 If you want to be an even better leader. Have high team ambitions. Or you want to take big steps in your career quickly...

...but lack a solid interlocutor with seniority and authority in your network...

...then you can prepare for tough confrontations, challenging exercises and in-depth self-examination. I will do everything in my power to make full use of your potential.

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In a first meeting you explore your own learning question, we get your goals clear, you get a taste of coaching, and you take the first step towards your goal.

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This is how others grew...

"Soms pijnlijk, maar het helpt je verder"

Marco is een betrokken coach die je laat nadenken over voor jou vanzelfsprekende zaken. Soms pijnlijk, maar het helpt je verder.

25 March 2010,
Tineke Molendijk, secretaresse Politie Rotterdam-Rijnmond

"Marco is direct en zet je echt aan het werk"

Voor mijn opleiding heb ik een leercoachingstraject gevolgd. Hoewel zoekend in het begin, heb ik achteraf gezien veel meer zelfinzicht gekregen, waardoor ik nu bewuster luister en observeer. Het heeft mijn werk als trainer en begeleider/coach positief beïnvloedt. Marco is direct en zet je echt aan het werk.

13 May 2016,

"Marco is gedreven en energiek"

Ik beveel de training 'Wees je eigen tijd de baas' van harte aan. Marco is gedreven en energiek. Ik ben aangestoken door zijn enthousiasme en ben met nieuwe invalshoeken (doelbewuster en met meer plezier werken) huiswaarts gegaan.

22 July 2009,
Christine Algera

"Down-to-earth benadering"

Dankzij zijn down-to-earth benadering wist Marco vaak eenvoudig de vinger op de zere plek te leggen. Hier kon ik vervolgens aan werken.

9 October 2011,
Eveline Bergvelt

"Open en soms confronterend maar vooral een veilige omgeving"

Onlangs heb ik kennis mogen maken met Marco Tieleman. Ik was op zoek naar een coach om mij te helpen mijzelf en de werksituatie weer op orde te krijgen. Via de CSR-website heb ik op basis van de omschrijvingen gekozen om bij Marco een intake te doen. De stoute schoenen aangetrokken en een afspraak gemaakt.

In Rotterdam heb ik het intakegesprek gehad en dat is zeer goed bevallen. Open en soms confronterend maar vooral een veilige omgeving om alles op op tafel te kunnen leggen. Marco had naar mijn mening snel door waar de knoppen zitten om mij te laten praten en dat maakt deze intake zeer waardevol.

Ik ben blij dat mijn werkgever ook mee wil gaan in deze aanpak. Ik heb deze intake als zeer waardevol ervaren.
Marco mijn dank en respect om in 1,5 uur zoveel al te bereiken.

19 May 2019,

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As Master Coach I am a member of both the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the International Coach Federation. For both I obtained the highest certification, a special combination in the Netherlands.

FAQ about Coaching Rotterdam

I'm stuck in my career. What can Coaching Rotterdam do for me?

I let you zoom out, zoom in, feel what you need, gain insight and make choices. I'll ask you questions, mirror, and confront you. That's how I help you take the right steps. Steps that suit you, and therefore also deliver what you are looking for: meaning, a job that finally suits your interests and talents, or strengthening personal skills such as stress management and assertiveness. Read more about career coaching.

I have big ambitions as a leader. How can Coaching Rotterdam quickly help me with that?

I've coached hundreds of leaders in my career. Seasoned CEOs, growing entrepreneurs, ambitious young managers and experienced team leaders. You can spar with me at your level. On practical matters such as drawing up a roadmap to that one ambitious position. About strengthening your leadership identity and skills. Or about managing your team. Straight to the point, straight to results. Read more about leadership coaching.

How does coaching at Coaching Rotterdam work?

It always starts with a non-binding introductory meeting. This is the intake. Are you not continuing with me after this? Then you don’t pay anything. Will you continue with me afterwards? Then the conversation must have been of value to you, and you pay for it at the applicable hourly rate. My coachees often reach their goal in 3-5 conversations, often supported by e-coaching. Some coachees like to come back periodically for a follow-up appointment, for others this was a once-only successful process. Read more about my substantive approach.

How much does coaching at Coaching Rotterdam cost?

Compared with other coaches, my rates are high. Take a look at them here. You get a lot in return for your investment: a very effective trajectory, the possibility of e-coaching via Pluform, Zoom and e-mail in between, and daily availability between 7 and 19 hours by phone for a quick spar. Take a look at my Google reviews. Read more about me, and about my approach. Wondering if I am indeed the right coach for you? Feel free to schedule an introductory meeting without any obligation.

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Why choose Coaching Rotterdam?

Widely educated, and certified at the highest European level. Coaching with head, heart and gut in a short, thorough and very effective process. So that you grow deeper as a person, and peak higher as a professional.

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