As European Master Practitioner Coach I work with you at the highest level. Curious if I am the right coach for you? Read more about my mission, personal journey to the top of European coaching, and: how all this can help you with your coaching question.

Mission: Bringing ambition and harmony together

In 2006 I decided to become a coach, because in my then profession as an advisor in sustainable energy I saw how ambitious professionals could reach the limits of their technical abilities. They knew everything about the technology of a wind turbine, but couldn't manage to talk harmoniously with local residents and politicians to create support.

There had to be a different, and better way.

Already then I saw how a small intervention on process or relationship could make a difference in project results. Enormous potential remained untouched. I wanted to change that. As a coach I want people to experience that striving for ambition and experiencing harmony can go hand in hand.

Experience: Proven to be active at the highest European level

  • As Master Practitioner Coach I am certified at the highest European level of the EMCC / NOBCO. NOBCO is the largest professional organization for coaches in the Netherlands.
  • In 2019 I also obtained my MCC accreditation at the International Coaching Federation (ICF). By doing so, I also demonstrated that I work according to the highest standards of the ICF.
  • As an EIA-assessor at EMCC | NOBCO I assess coaches at home and abroad on their quality.
  • As a trainer for NOBCO, I supervise dozens of coaches in their certification process.

Who do I coach?

I've been coaching for over 15 years:

  • Profit and non-profit: From start-up in the music industry to member of supervisory board in education.
  • Professionals: From specialist in medical research to CEO in transport and logistics.
  • SMEs and multinationals: from entrepreneurs in high-quality technical constructions to (team) leaders at multinationals such as Ahold, DSM and ING Bank.

Public speaker

I regularly speak at congresses, conferences, webinars and stages at home and abroad. On topics such as e-coaching, burn-out prevention, and certification.

Knowing what it's all about: Skilled and hands-on experience

Many clients (mostly high performers and business leaders) come to me because it hurts somewhere in their lives. They get stuck, or they have talent and big dreams. In both cases they are looking for a solid coach to help them create a breakthrough: Growing deeper as a person. Peaking higher as a professional.

As an experienced coach and experienced expert, I know what it's all about. Years ago I made a career switch myself. (see below) In addition, I have struggled times with insecurity. So I know from my own experience what it feels like when you don't master an essential skill sufficiently, or when your current life doesn’t fit what you actually desire .

So you will find in me as a coach a skilled European Master Coach, and an experienced expert who knows how valuable coaching is in overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

Read more about my approach in coaching.

Growth and development: Who coaches the coach?

As a coach, I take my job very seriously. Reflection on my own functioning is important to stay sharp. This is how I do it:

  • I have some coaches of my own.
  • I have a supervisor.
  • Every six weeks I have an intervision with fellow NOBCO coaches.
  • I follow workshops, congresses and training courses, and frequently self-reflect.

All this allows me to periodically renew my certifications. It makes me grow. Which allows me to coach you and other coachees even more effectively.

Training: Solid ground beneath my holistic approach

My holistic approach consists of making head, heart and gut work together: Knowing, longing and feeling. Because over and over again it turns out that only thinking about your problem, only focusing on what you want, or just diving deep into your feelings does not provide a solution. You will find my broad view on coaching issues in the courses I follow:

2023 Vertical Q - Developland
In this training I master the method, through physically measuring your resistance in 9 postures, to let you experience your embodied leadership. With knowledge of your 4 most embodied talents, you gain wisdom that balances head, heart and gut.

Integrative Presence - Tünde Erdös, Vienna
In this training I will learn how to refine my way of perceiving and tuning in. I am going to further discover the power of the non-verbal connection, from body, mind, emotion and energy.


Heart & Sexuality – BodyMind opleidingen - advanced
Here, I learn to connect better from my heart. From this connection, themes such as sexuality and power can be discussed in a healthy way in my coaching.

2021 MBIT Master Coach Training - mBraining

How your autonomic nervous system contributes to how you deal with tension, challenge and problem solving and how this can be easily changed.

2020 MBIT Coach Training - mBraining

Thanks to my knowledge from this training you will experience how head, heart and gut work together in finding the answer to your coaching question.

2020 Stakeholder Centered Coaching – Marshall Goldsmith
You achieve measurable results in leadership skills. Choose this method, and pay because of my no cure, no pay only for results.
2019 Heart & Sexuality – BodyMind opleidingen
Here I learned to connect better out of my heart. From that connection themes like sexuality and power can be discussed in a healthy way in my coaching.
2019 Masterclass Socratic coaching
I learned to ask the right questions using Socrates' approach, which I use to help you as a coachee to discover your own wisdom in your own way.
2018 SIMA-motivational assesment– Motam
You will discover what motivates you and makes you successful in your daily work. An extraordinarily effective career tool!
2017 Mannenkracht - Phoenix Opleidingen
I immersed myself in feminine and masculine energy. Theoretically and practically. I use this purposefully during our conversations.
2016 Chronisch Stress Reversal Methode – CSR centrum
You benefit from the most up-to-date scientific knowledge in the field of stress and recovery. As a result, you recover better and faster.
2016 Werkenergieanalyse - You Know opleiding
You use my knowledge to map your energy givers and -guzzlers and gain insight into what gives you flow.
2016 Methode Rességuier – Instituut Rességuier
You notice thanks to this training how I can be in a basic posture that results in full attention to what is going on with you.
2015 Ambacht van het hart – Phoenix Opleidingen
I like to be touched by your story, and thanks to this training I can use my whole body (head, heart and gut) as an instrument to help you further.
2015 Karakterstructuren – BodyMind Opleidingen

You feel seen as I link knowledge from developmental psychology according to Reich and Lowen to your coaching question. This allows you to explain your current behaviour and problem based on knowledge about your system and family of origin.

2014 Systemisch werken in de 1-op-1 praktijk, BodyMind Opleidingen
Since this training my coaching has got a therapeutic edge, whereby I also take the insights into patterns from your system of origin practically and purposefully into our coaching.
2014 Jaargroep 5 ritmes
Through using dance as a form of meditation I maintain my own body as a coach. When I'm in touch with my own body, I can be in contact with you more easily. And help you to get in better touch with your body.
2011 3-jarige opleiding Professionele Communicatie Phoenix Opleidingen
This training is a household name in my field. You will notice in our conversations how I smoothly combine different methods and principles with a timing that makes a difference.
2007 Leergang Dieptecoaching, KB&K Wageningen
You'll find I can quickly get to the depths with you. I learned how to work on layers where change is possible and where it lasts.
2006 Trainen met Hart en Ziel, KB&K Wageningen
With this thorough professional training of one year, I created a broad and solid basis to be able to work as a post-graduate certified professional coach.

Marco Tieleman

Who am I? Marco Tieleman as person

My home

In the city of which I am proud, Rotterdam, I live together with my wife Juliette. We have a daughter Mette (2009) and a son Jesper (2012). Together we share our interests in culture, elaborate cooking, travel, diving and photography. Since the summer of 2013 we live in the neighbourhood Schiebroek. I am proud of our electricity neutral house.


I love to dance, ride my recumbent bike and be on the beach. This way I make sure I stay relaxed, vital and mentally sharp.


As a volunteer I am active at my children's school, in a residents' organisation and I was a neighbourhood mediator. I also supervised youth holidays. For years I was secretary and advisor to the board of the Deltawind windmill cooperative.

This volunteer work contributes to giving meaning to my life, and gives me insight into the diversity of motivation and identity of people. I take this experience with me as valuable luggage when I carry out my work as a coach.  

In an obligation free introductory meeting you get a taste of what it is like to be coached by me and you will immediately take the first step towards standing up for your interests.

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