Where do you stand in your stress?

Often you feel that you are stressed: You are more tired, irritated faster, you are less productive, or you have a headache.

But when is the stress with a long weekend break still manageable? And when are you overworked or do you have a burn-out?

The CSR questionnaire will give you a quick insight into the state of your stress system. This prevents you from intervening too late and spending months recovering.

The CSR questionnaire consists of 5 sets of questions about e.g. your:

  • post-work recovery need
  • memory
  • concentration
  • physical activities
  • anxiety complaints
  • mood

You quickly gain insight into the seriousness of your complaints, and the CSR questionnaire is thus a good starting point for stress coaching.

Want to know where you stand in your stress? Fill in the CSR questionnaire and make an appointment to discuss your score. The first questionnaire you fill in is free of charge.

Look what I can do for you with stress coaching.

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