Reaching higher by going deeper

You will undoubtedly find it important that you know exactly where you stand in advance when you start a coaching trajectory with me. I get that. That's why I want to give you more insight into my approach and my (hourly) rates. Do you have any questions after that? Feel free to call or mail me!


Quickly into the deep. You reach your goal in 4 or 5 conversations. Coaching with head, heart and gut. Involved coaching with humour and spirit.

Those are the characteristics of my approach.

We make clear agreements, you get an offer on paper and in between we regularly evaluate whether my guidance still matches what you need. You're in charge, I supervise.

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I'm not the cheapest coach in Rotterdam and area. I am however the only coach who has the two highest certifications, has a quick and sharp analysis, brings depth and follows a lot of training and refresher courses every year.

What is it worth to you if just a few sessions finally let you grasp that ambition in your career? Or when in a few weeks you are relieved of that problem you have been struggling with in your work for so long?

Invest in yourself. You and your ambition deserve to truly be seen.

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In an obligation free introductory meeting you can already taste what it is like to be coached by me, and you take immediate steps towards your goal. No match? Then you pay nothing.

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