Reaching higher by going deeper

A personal approach, depth, always involved, a sharp analysis and sometimes confronting. That is in a few words what you can experience in a coaching session with me.

Which models or theories I work with depends on the question you raise. Always tailor-made, always focused on what you want to achieve. With two Master level certifications you are allowed to have expectations. The reviews below tell you how others experienced their intake.

What does the coaching process look like?


During the intake we get to know each other, explore your question and discuss how I can guide you best. I will also explain the code of ethics to you.
You do not enter into any obligations with the intake interview. The meeting takes between 1 and 1½ hours.

We may already discover starting points to work with and you will make an initial action plan. This first interview will already give you the same result.

In this conversation we will also discover together whether there is a match. And we formulate the goal you want to achieve with this process. Sometimes you formulate that goal a little sharper at home.

You have a few days to think about whether you want to continue with me as your coach. If you decide you want to continue... then this conversation was obviously of value. Then we'll handle it at the rate of an ordinary coaching session.
If you decide that you don't want to continue, then we say a friendly goodbye and I hope I have helped you along the right path. There will be no invoice then.

Offer After the intake I will make you an offer that you get to read first. In it you will find your goals and all agreements listed.
If HR or a manager is involved, you send them the offer.
Order As soon as the offer is signed we will start.
Trilogue It can be of added value to have a starting conversation with your manager so that the context is clear and the manager knows how to support you.

The frequency of the meetings is up to you. Most processes start with a fortnightly frequency and last about 3 to 4 months. In between meetings you write a report, reflect with e-coaching and work on your learning goals by putting actions into practice.

In the meetings, we explore your question from multiple angles:

  • Mental: what you think and what beliefs you have.
  • Emotional: what bothers you and what effect it has on you.
  • Spiritual: nothing fancy: just what you do in life and what you find important about it.
  • Environment: what in your environment can you change yourself and how do you deal with that?
  • Behaviour: which behaviour do you want or need to change and what is needed for that?

Sometimes I give you a book, a writing or reflection assignment or an assignment to relax better or practice new behaviour.

By working on your goals in a goal- and action-oriented way, you achieve the best results in between conversations!


As soon as you have achieved your goals, we will evaluate the process (where possible with your manager). That's important to you and me. So we'll take the time to do that together.

Maybe you chose to use the Coaching Monitor. You will in any case receive an evaluation form and I will ask you at the end if you are willing to write a review about the process we went through together.

After care

Do you have the need for contact weeks or months after our trajectory. Then I think it's only normal to provide you with an answer to an acute question you have by phone or e-mail. That is aftercare and is free of costs.


Models and theories

During my coaching I use a large number of models and theories, including:

The Circle of Eight Being pro-active (Covey)
The Spiral of Creation (Marinus Knoope) Provocative coachen (Farrelly)
DISC (Marshton) RET (Ellis)
Gestalt (Perls) Leary's Rose (Timothy Leary)
Character structures (Lowe)     Voice Dialogue (Hal & Sidra Stone)
Core qualities (Ofman) Six levels of coaching
Logical levels (Bateson) Systemic work (Hellinger)
NLP (Grindler & Bandler) etc.

This is just a selection. In the years since 2007 I immersed myself in many theories, models and xxx

In an obligation free introductory meeting you get a taste of what it is like to be coached by me and you will immediately take the first step towards standing up for your interests.

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