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mBIT-coaching: to integrate head heart and gut

benefit the wisdom of your body

Do you think often (and for a long time), but don't you come to action quickly?
Do you have a big heart, but do you ever lose yourself in it?
Do you do things easily, but seldom out of desire?
Or do you know what you want, but don't succeed in realizing it?

They are all examples that I often encounter in my coaching practice. And they are patterns that repeatedly reveal themselves in situations and can get in people's way. They are behaviors that are often maintained because people don't use their whole body for life. My colleague Dara Caryotis made this clear video about what you can do with mBIT.

mBIT: ancient wisdom traditions combined with neuroscience

If you're a 'head person', I'll explain the idea

Your head has three primary functions

  • Thinking
  • Giving meaning
  • Cognitive perception (you do that now!)

Your heart also has three primary functions

  • Feeling
  • Value(s)
  • Relational affection   

Your belly also has three primary functions

  • Identity
  • Self-preservation
  • Mobilization

With the integration of multiple brains you combine and bundle the wisdom of your head, heart and abdomen and break through blockages.

If you're a heart person, I'll let you feel it

Go with your attention to your breathing: take a breath for 3 minutes, with attention to your heart and abdomen, if possible in the rhythm of 6 seconds in, 6 seconds out. Tasty, huh? You will feel more calm in your heart and belly, and will probably notice a change in your head as well.

This is one of the basic principles of mBIT: with balanced breathing you can 'align' your three brains.

For if you're a belly man, you'll experience this on a regular basis

You recognize yourself as a doer. You put things in the world easily. And sometimes you feel that something is not right or that you are in danger; without any external reason. Your abdominal brain is then active and well adjusted.

What do I get out of mBIT?

By using the wisdom of both your head, your heart and your gut, you will achieve more. Does it sound like you're floating in your ears? I invite you to experience it. We use nothing but the wisdom you carry with you in your own body. And that's powerful and valuable. I promise you that.

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