Today EMCC | NOBCO awarded me my EIA certificate at Master Practitioner level. For me an important recognition of my craftsmanship and quality. For you as a client, an extra assurance in quality and professionalism.

Why a NOBCO EIA accreditation?

The Competence Framework as drawn up by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council forms a wonderful basis with 112 skill indicators which a professional coach has to master. Quality in coaching is important to me. At Master Practitioner Coach level I have mastered all these skills, divided over 8 competence categories.

xxx For me, this certification was more than acquiring a piece of paper. I applied for the first time in 2014. It was rejected. Since then, I have come to see the application mainly as a development tool. And that has borne fruit because I started to look more critically at my own competences and asked for targeted feedback on them in my supervision.

How I obtained certification as a Master Practitioner

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To apply for accreditation, I had to put together an extensive portfolio. In addition to the documentation of no less than 1000 coaching hours and 150 coaching clients, I had to submit learning journals of moments in my coaching and my reflection on those moments. In addition, I had to substantiate my choices for training courses, my learning experiences within them and the application of these new skills in practice. My vision on coaching, my contributions to the profession and the substantiation of the 112 skills were asked for. It resulted in a portfolio of 180 pages. Two NOBCO assessors critically reviewed my application and, finally, I was questioned on my input in an interview.

What do you notice about being coached by a Master Coach?

Does choosing a coach with an EIA certificate at Master Practitioner level have any added value? Of course, I can only agree with that question. And at the same time I want to be honest: it could be that a coach without this accreditation is also very good. You can assume that a coach with an EIA certificate has been tested against NOBCO's required quality requirements. A coach with a certificate has wanted to have himself tested and underlines his willingness to be critically assessed. More and more coaches are doing this and more and more clients are looking for it in a targeted manner.


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