Reaching higher by going deeper

Your development as a person and a professional is worth gold in this one life that has been given to you. You are vulnerable in the hands of a coach who is not fully competent. Handle your potential carefully. Therefore, choose a coach who is proven to be competent and qualified to guide you.


logo NOBCO As a European Master Practitioner Coach I have the highest of the 4 levels within the certification system of NOBCO - Dutch Order of Professional Coaches  since spring 2016. This system guarantees, among other things, the quality and professionalism of coaches in Europe.

International code of ethics


I use NOBCO’s International Code of Ethics. There is also a complaints committee where you can go if we get into conflict. (Fortunately this has never happened since my start as a coach in 2007) This gives you security when it comes to your privacy and my professionalism, respect and integrity.

Internationale Coach Federation

icflogocolor.jpg In 2019 I graduated at the International Coach Federation. Also at the highest level of certification: Master Certified Coach. With this I have shown to work according to the high standards of the ICF, and to put their 11 coaching competencies into practice at the highest level.

In the Netherlands there are only about 10 coaches to be found who possess both certifications.

Participant Ethical Code Phoenix Opleidingen

Logo phoenix ethische code.jpg

I am a participant in the Ethical Code of Phoenix Opleidingen. Every year I take part in a study day or evening on ethics. This way I stay attuned to ethics, meet colleagues in the context of ethical questions and focus on myself.

Assessor European Mentoring & Coaching Council

EMCC_logo.jpg Within the European Mentoring & Coaching Council I fulfil a role as assessor for other coaches who want to be accredited. Within this framework I provide training activities, and I am also a mentor. I think it is an important and meaningful contribution to the professionalisation of my profession.

Level III Certified e-Coach

logo-ecoach-level3-80px.png I am also a Level III Certified e-Coach in the international e-Coach Register. Level III is the highest attainable level when it comes to e-coaching. This also allows me to teach e-coaching at the European Institute | De Baak and to provide intervision support for eCoachPro.

In order to maintain these certifications and to continue to develop myself, I follow intervision, supervision and various training courses.

Privacy and the GDPR

My International Code of Ethics is clear about the confidentiality and privacy of you as a coachee. It's important and I respect it. Coaching Rotterdam also, and naturally, complies with the requirements of the General Data Processing Regulation.

The privacy statement of Coaching Rotterdam states how I deal with the personal data I store in our trajectory.

In short:

  • NOBCO EIA MP-certified European Master Practitioner
  • ICF MCC certified
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certified Coach
  • Level III certified e-coach
  • CRKBO-accredited
  • Over 200 satisfied clients



As Master Coach I am a member of both the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the International Coach Federation. For both I obtained the highest certification, a special combination in the Netherlands.

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