Coaching at distance, always close

The most common concern with e-coaching is this: "How can coaching where you don't see each other, but only write to each other, be as effective as 'live' coaching?"

The underlying idea behind this is that people appreciate the conversations in the consultation room in such a way that they see them as necessary for results.

Nevertheless, e-coaching can accelerate and shorten a process. In fact: I have been using it in my coaching practice since 2011 and many coachees have grown faster as a result.

This is how we use e-coaching together

E-coaching takes many forms. In my practice I use the secure environment Pluform, an AVG-proof secure environment to engage in conversation. There you will also find your personal exercises and assignments, and you will place your own reflection report there with your insights and knowledge. Many coachees combine e-coaching with live coaching, but that's not necessary.

The benefits of e-coaching

  1. Location and time independent.
  2. Sequence of short contact moments.
  3. Smaller action steps with more small success experiences.
  4. Immediately present in your work practice and this creates powerful experience learning.
  5. High degree of involvement due to high contact frequency in combination with success experiences.
  6. Quickly to the core (without social talk or socially desirable behaviour).
  7. Improved attention levels, because writing requires an increased level of concentration.
  8. Back talk with your colleague, partner or friend is possible without disrupting the process.
  9. It is written down. That makes your story and my advice/feedforward more 'true'.
  10. Writing automatically organises your thoughts.
  11. Reflective function. You read back what you have written yourself first.
  12. Quick access to emotions: The writing process activates the emotion system.
  13. Individual control over the process. You decide when you start working with coaching.
  14. Permanent positive reinforcement: You can reread saved positive texts from yourself or from me.
  15. Prevention of relapse. Your questions, my answers and the interview process of closed projects can also be re-read months later. If you run into new known obstacles, or if you fall into your old trap again. In this way you can better hold on to newly acquired beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.

If you would like to learn more about the science behind e-coaching I highly reccomend you read my article on E-coaching and why it works.

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