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Stakeholder Centered Coaching:
measurably grow your skills

Measurable and guaranteed growth in defined leadership skills can be achieved with Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

Developed by top leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith. Used by executives, directors and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

97% of the coachees achieve their goals within one year with this form of coaching. No cure? No pay.

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Regular coaching sessions:
Organic growth as person and as leader

Growing organically as a person and a leader is what you do with my regular meetings.

  • For a check-up on leadership skills.
  • To investigate convictions.
  • To sharpen your vision.

Through coaching outside the boardroom you strengthen the connection with yourself and the people in your company. You steer easier, more confident and more relaxed on people and numbers.

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Executive coaching at Coaching Rotterdam is no easy ride. In an obligation free introductory appointment you will examine whether my approach suits you, and which form of executive coaching suits your situation.

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This is how others grew...


A good coach has a lot of luggage in the form of insights, advice and useful tips. The difficulty is often to give for that one specific situation at that one moment only that one, that very best tip. The one that really hits home and that you can work with, right at that moment. That requires a lot of insight, listening, observing, a short question or remark at the right moment, that requires... Fingerspitzengef├╝hl.

Thanks for your excellent advice Marco.

Paul Eijgenraam

"Solid interlocutor and good coach"

"As a result of a subsidy scheme of the replacement fund, I came to Marco Tieleman as school principal. In the coaching process the focus was on dealing with, reducing and/or preventing absenteeism. On the basis of current cases, Marco has made a considerable contribution to increasing my (theoretical) knowledge and acting repertoire regarding absenteeism and personnel care. After each session I went home with good literature, new knowledge and practical tips. The suggestions and advice I received all turned out positively.
The contact with Marco went smoothly and quickly. An appointment is easy to make. His broad knowledge and experience make Marco a solid conversation partner and a good coach.
I therefore gladly recommend Coaching Rotterdam."

Robert de Jong, principal IKC 't Palet

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Frequently asked questions about Executive coaching Rotterdam

What are the benefits of executive coaching at Coaching Rotterdam?

With 2 x the highest coaching certification you can get in the Netherlands, and with almost 15 years of experience in coaching high professionals and executives, I can coach you very effectively and thoroughly. I integrate head, heart and gut, in a concrete way. The combination of 2x high certification, many years of experience and coaching with head, heart and gut, provides an approach that allows your leadership skills to grow.

How does executive coaching work at Coaching Rotterdam?

Using examples from your experience, we explore your behaviour, attitude and beliefs. With the methodical approach of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching you can choose to start a project on a cure no pay basis. Surrounded by stakeholders from your own organisation, you work on measurable behavioural change and are guaranteed to get results! I would be happy to tell you more about this during the free introductory meeting.

I haven't got time. Do you also do executive coaching remotely?

Stakeholder Centered Coaching requires 2 hours of your time per month. The rest you apply practically in your daily work. Clients who live further away or who have little time, like to make use of unlimited e-coaching via video calls, or additional e-coaching via the secure online environment Pluform. Also bear in mind that it is precisely through coaching that you learn to direct and delegate better, so that you can get to what makes you and your department/company grow.

How many sessions are needed with you as executive coach?

Stakeholder Centered Coaching consists of a process of 12 months, in which you invest 2 hours of your time every month.

In a smaller, separate trajectory, executives I coach have often achieved their goals in 3 or 4 conversations. I then have a quarterly growth meeting with many of my clients to see if they are still on track and to discuss new issues. This provides certainty and peace of mind, and you always have a resource behind you to spar with at a high level.

Satisfied clients

As an executive coach, I am always available for you by e-mail. Because challenges just turn up unplanned. Are you curious about my approach for you?

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