Use your potential

You feel and know that there is room for growth in your role as director, CEO, high professional, entrepreneur, or team leader, but you can't quite grasp it?
Or do you want a qualified coach so that you can realise your ambitions to grow as quickly as possible: as a person, in your profession, in your career?

Coaching in (personal) leadership skills allows you to grow and use your potential fully.

From identity to behaviour

Based on your identity and beliefs, we examine your skills and behaviour. Where are your strengths and how can you use them even smarter? Where can you develop yourself? Where does it hurt in yourself or in relation to your environment, causing you to experience stress, imbalance or conflicts?

And from reflection to results

Together we go from reflection to insight. From insight to goals. And from goals to results.

People who have been coached by me in (personal) leadership, often tell me the following afterwards: "I am a lot more self-assured in my role, and my surroundings notice that. This enables me to steer, influence, and achieve results that I was unable to achieve before: A closer cooperation with my team, KPI's improve, more grip on my agenda, and above all: much more fun and relaxation in my work".

Coaching Rotterdam. Leadership coaching for:


You have great potential and ambition. How do you make the right career choices? How do you take your surroundings into account? Is it possible to combine rocking in your profession with balance and meaning?

Strengthen yourself


As an entrepreneur, you're always busy. You mainly work in your company, while working on your company falls by the wayside. How can you grow with your company?

Come spar on your level

Team leader

An excellently functioning team starts with you. Grow as a person and a leader, for growth in results in the workplace, and more fun in your work.

Break the deadlock


As a director, director or CEO, you have to deal with complex (ethical) issues or personal dilemmas. Who do you want to be?

Take the lead

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In an obligation-free introductory meeting you will get a taste of what it is like to be coached by me and you will immediately take the first step towards your goal.

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I don't have a fixed approach. Your ambition and personality are central. Below you will find examples of tools that are in my toolbox, and which I will use depending on your needs.

This is how others grew...

Marco sees through who you really are, and he does it fast! He won't let you fool him. I discovered my blockages because he keeps asking and challenging me. The intake showed who I am and what I stand for, but also what bothers me. A surprising, confronting and flawless mirror. The homework assignment was an energy boost. In short: Do you want to continue to develop, go into depth and don't back down for a confrontation with yourself? Then you won't regret a meeting with Marco.

Anja van der Starre eng

Review by Veronique Prins

Effective, direct and attentive. Marco touches the right chord to activate the entrepreneur in people. He offers perspectives with which you can broaden your horizon. The various adequate handles he provides promote efficiency in my practice. I am very happy with his coaching.

Veronique Prins eng

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As Master Coach I am a member of both the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the International Coach Federation. For both I obtained the highest certification, a special combination in the Netherlands.

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With coaching you use your full potential as a human being. On the work floor and in your private life. A small investment for decades of self-confidence, pleasure, satisfaction and meaning. The first step is simple: book an obligation-free introductory meeting.
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