Challenge the status quo

As an entrepreneur, you're incredibly busy, every day. In the end, this means that many entrepreneurs mainly work in their company, while the work on their company falls by the wayside. Or weekends and evenings are sacrificed for it. Have you become an entrepreneur for that?

How do you break the status quo, so that you can do what you do best, your business grows in a manageable way, and you can relax and enjoy the results?

Does your personal growth strategy work?

In order for your company to grow, you first need to grow as a leader and a person. There are several ways for growth. Not every way is equally effective. Reading a book or following a training offers interesting information, but the practical application often falls short. You often get too few handles for your personal situation. A master's group is often about practical business matters such as your substantive growth strategy, human resource management and marketing. Not about your functioning as a leader and a person.

Reflecting on vision, attitude and behaviour

Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial and personal skills, and spar about them at a high level? Then sparring with an entrepreneurial coach is the answer.

As an experienced coach for entrepreneurs, I offer you a safe space in which you can process through a learning cycle, in which you learn from theory and newly discovered values, put these into practice, and reflect with me on vision, attitude and behaviour.

Grow as a leader and person, for a healthier company. That's what you achieve with leadership coaching for entrepreneurs.

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Your question is always the starting point of our conversations. Depending on what is needed, we will use the following tools for you. Read on and find out more about my approach.

This is how others grew...

"Wat een ontdekking dat ik wel gevoelig ben"

Het was een bijzondere ontdekkingstocht. Op het moment dat ik me aanmeldde voor de coaching had ik nog niet gekozen om mijn baan op te zeggen. Tijdens het eerste gesprek al wel en zo was je erbij op mijn reis van loslaten en het vinden van een stukje van mezelf, hoe ik werk… wat een ontdekking dat ik wel gevoelig ben maar zo weinig heb geleerd te voelen. Bedankt dan ook voor de mooie oefening van checken op het grote geheel.

Je humor, je zwijgen, je vraagteken, je timing en liefdevolle aanwezigheid hebben dit traject voor mij heel waardevol gemaakt.

Dank je wel en veel succes verder met je praktijk!

M. uit Rotterdam

"Marco luistert goed en leeft zich goed in"

Marco diende voor mij als spiegel. Hij luistert goed en leeft zich in in mijn situatie. Marco liet mij zien dat mijn neiging om naar 'het hoofd' te gaan, zorgt voor een onevenwichtige houding. Die veroorzaakte veel stress.

Frans van der Meer

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Frequently asked questions about entrepeneur coach Marco Tieleman

Why entrepeneur coaching with Marco Tieleman?

With 2 x the highest coaching certification you can get in the Netherlands, and almost 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur coach, I coach effectively and thoroughly. I integrate head, heart and gut, in a concrete way. You learn to develop and use yourself as an instrument to achieve your business goals. Moreover, I am available to you every working day from 7.00 - 19.00 if you need a sparring partner.

How does entrepreneur coaching work at Coaching Rotterdam?

Using examples from your experience, we explore your behaviour, attitude and beliefs. You reflect on this on a deep personal level: What are my motives for my behaviour? What beliefs rest underneath? And are they actually correct? You are going to investigate that. You recalibrate your identity, and put this into practice.

What does working with you as an entrepreneur coach bring me?

Many entrepreneurs I coach achieve the following through my coaching:

  • The collaboration with your team(s) has improved so much that you are no longer micromanaging, but can do where your heart and strength really lies. And because of this so can your team. You make full use of the potential of your company.
  • You're working on your business, instead of in your business. You make strategic choices and set priorities. So that you make progress with what really matters to you and your company in the long term.
  • What you learn as an entrepreneur, you automatically apply privately: sharing what bothers you, showing ownership, acting on the basis of your inner values. When you are doing better at work, you also become a better partner or parent.
  • The to-do list is under control, and they no longer take their work home with them. This helps prevent chronic stress and burn-out. And suddenly there is time for a long weekend away without the phone turned on.

I don't have time. Do you also do business coaching remotely?

Clients who live further away or who have little time, make extensive use of e-coaching via Zoom and additional e-coaching via Pluform's secure environment. Also bear in mind that it is precisely through coaching that you learn to steer and delegate better, so that you can get to what makes you and your company grow.

How many sessions are needed with you as an entrepreneur coach?

Most of the entrepreneurs I coach have achieved their goals in 4 or 5 meetings. With many of my clients I then have a quarterly growth meeting to see if they are still on track and to discuss new issues. This gives you security and peace of mind, and you always have a resource to spar with at a high level.

Satisfied clients

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