Take charge of your work and your life

Are you a high business performer?

Then sometimes you can take all kinds of roads

You get offers for a promotion or a new job. But how do you choose the next step in your career? How do you make sure that work and private life remain in balance when you feel 'I have to excel in this period of my life'? And can meaning still play a role?

And you get stuck at other times

You've developed quickly in your profession, but your manager won’t listen when you say that you aspire to a new role. Maybe you don't feel happy in the team, or you notice that you freeze in certain situations.


In both cases it is very difficult to:
 - distance yourself from the situation

- see how you can influence your situation

-get going and make the right choices.

No concessions

With leadership coaching you take control of your career and your life. You learn how to use your influence cleverly to get the job you want, without making concessions to your private life. In a way that suits your talents, values, beliefs and ambitions. Such peace, energy and meaning that gives.

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Your question is always the starting point of our conversations. Depending on what is needed, we will use the following tools for you. Read on and find out more about my approach.

This is how others grew...

"Straight to the core of my coaching question"

My employer offered my coaching as part of a leadership program. Although I didn't think I had a direct coaching question in the leadership area, I decided to take advantage of the offer. Through a business recommendation I came into contact with Marco. After reading his website, I doubted whether his described way would not be too confrontational. On the other hand, it also felt like I needed Marco to get me moving. At the intake Marco took away all doubts and it felt right from the start. Together we immediately came to the core of my coach question, which I did not think I had. Marco got me moving by giving me insight in my behavior and actions. Simply by listening, asking questions and mirroring.
Marco's approach is to the point, with understanding and respect for the person and regularly with a bit of humor. I was the director of the entire process, both in terms of content and practicality. After six coaching sessions I look differently at myself and the world around me and I finish the coaching process with a satisfied feeling. I would definitely recommend Marco as a coach, even if you think you do not have a coaching question (secretly everyone has one).

Marvin Buskens, Rotterdam

Marion S.

Marco is efficient, direct, involved, fast and reliable. An enthusiastic mentor with a critical eye and the absolute intention to help you move forward.
I would definitely recommend Marco if you want to professionalize yourself as a coach. You have to be able to take a punch, Marco challenges you to stand on your own two feet and to face the showdown with yourself.
Marco, thank you very much for what I was able to learn with and through you.

Marion S.

"Solid interlocutor and good coach"

"As a result of a subsidy scheme of the replacement fund, I came to Marco Tieleman as school principal. In the coaching process the focus was on dealing with, reducing and/or preventing absenteeism. On the basis of current cases, Marco has made a considerable contribution to increasing my (theoretical) knowledge and acting repertoire regarding absenteeism and personnel care. After each session I went home with good literature, new knowledge and practical tips. The suggestions and advice I received all turned out positively.
The contact with Marco went smoothly and quickly. An appointment is easy to make. His broad knowledge and experience make Marco a solid conversation partner and a good coach.
I therefore gladly recommend Coaching Rotterdam."

Robert de Jong, principal IKC 't Palet

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Frequently asked questions about leadership coaching

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is not therapy. We do sometimes explore your past, where you come from, and patterns that run through your life, but only to better understand the present: your motives, where you might get stuck, and your ambitions. Count on 20% looking back on your (working) past, and 80% actively working on your ambitions, and realizing your potential.

Why should I let you coach me?

The best way to experience it is to book an introductory meeting free of obligation. But because you ask: As Master Coach I am a member of both the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the International Coach Federation. I obtained the highest coaching certification you can obtain in the Netherlands twice. A special combination. How does that help you? I quickly penetrate all your barriers to get to the heart of the matter. Based on my experience of almost 15 years coaching leaders, I am able to get you to results quickly. And the great thing is: I don't give you the answers. You do it all by yourself. So it will be entirely your story.

What if I have to let go of safe beliefs?

"I'm 50, how am I ever going to find a new job?" "Those years of patterns of mine, you don't even break through with a bulldozer." "What if I find out I'm living the life that others expect of me?" Coaching is sometimes scary, but in a safe environment you can relax in the process. Dare to let go of old beliefs step by step, to confidently take new paths from there. It works. I see it happen every day.

I am intrigued. But I live far away. How do we solve that?

With an office directly opposite Rotterdam CS station, I am easily accessible for coachees in the surrounding area. People from, for example, Dronten, Beverwijk and Tilburg already found it worthwhile to come to Rotterdam. In addition, customers who live further away also make use of e-coaching. One or a few conversations to start up the process, followed by coaching via e-mail and Zoom. Also, because of my extensive experience, not many sessions are needed at all. Most coachees have achieved their goals in 3 to 4 sessions.

Satisfied clients

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