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Nice that we have a connection via LinkedIn. On this website you can read how I coach professionals, CEO's/directors, entrepreneurs and leaders in career and leadership.

Are you looking for a coach in career and leadership?

What you find in me as a coach:

  • Certified at the highest international level.
  • Coaching with head, heart and belly.
  • Rapidly into the depths. Ready in 3-5 conversations: you have reached your coaching goal.
  • Coaching in Rotterdam, but by e-coaching everywhere close by.

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Personal growth starts with reflection. I have bundled the best insights from my years of coaching experience in a free e-book on reflection. Are you curious how reflection helps you to improve yourself every day? Download your e-book now.

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Warm regards,

Marco Tieleman
Coaching Rotterdam


As Master Coach I am a member of both the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the International Coach Federation. For both I obtained the highest certification, a special combination in the Netherlands.

This is how others grew...


A good coach has a lot of luggage in the form of insights, advice and useful tips. The difficulty is often to give for that one specific situation at that one moment only that one, that very best tip. The one that really hits home and that you can work with, right at that moment. That requires a lot of insight, listening, observing, a short question or remark at the right moment, that requires... Fingerspitzengef├╝hl.

Thanks for your excellent advice Marco.

Paul Eijgenraam

"Closer to my feelings"

My experience with the intake interview with Marco started with a friendly and quiet reception. After an open initial question Marco was able to peel off a number of layers in a short period of time and arrive at a first core question or problem. By asking questions, giving examples and observing well, I managed to get even closer to my feelings and other questions. All this in a respectful and calm way.

The result of this intake interview is that a changed awareness and a number of insights have already emerged, which provide good starting points for further development. With this, and with an appropriate homework assignment, I can immediately get to work for and with myself!

Hugo von Aesch

"Dynamic and customized workshop"

Internally we were forwarded the workshops of Bloei. I immediately noticed the title of one of the workshops: Less stress, more fun. Who doesn't want that? Especially the sentence in the advertisement: That you want to do so much good, that you actually don't have enough time for it? appealed to me personally. We were with a small, but varied, group and under Marco's leadership there was fun interaction. It's interesting to hear that experiencing stress is different for everyone, but also has a lot in common. Marco did not have a fixed list that had to be checked. This resulted in a dynamic and tailor-made workshop. In the end we worked on personal improvement points by means of role-plays. I take a number of tips & tricks with me, in order to better frame my work. I' m going to work with this.

Dexter van Gisteren

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