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Welcome to Coaching Rotterdam!

Nice that we have a connection via LinkedIn. On this website you can read how I coach professionals, CEO's/directors, entrepreneurs and leaders in career and leadership.

Are you looking for a coach in career and leadership?

What you find in me as a coach:

  • Certified at the highest international level.
  • Coaching with head, heart and belly.
  • Rapidly into the depths. Ready in 3-5 conversations: you have reached your coaching goal.
  • Coaching in Rotterdam, but by e-coaching everywhere close by.

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I am curious about your experiences. Feel free to give me feedback via the contact form.


Warm regards,

Marco Tieleman
Coaching Rotterdam


As Master Coach I am a member of both the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the International Coach Federation. For both I obtained the highest certification, a special combination in the Netherlands.

This is how others grew...

Marco invites to talk. Through short simple questions, his ability to listen well and give feedback, a very intense and deep and personal conversation follows. By asking a few short, to the point, questions a deep clear conversation develops from the beginning and at the end you have a lot of material to further think about. Marco offers the possiblity or recording the conversation. I recommend listening back to the conversation.
What also appealed to me is that Marco is good at clarifying the relationship between the brain, the heart and the belly. Marco also opens up himself by using examples from the personal sphere. I am already looking forward to the next conversation!

Hans Meeder

A business coach who is a good listener, quickly gets to the essence and lifts your business to a higher level; that's Marco Tieleman, a top coach.
His calmness and experience provide a safe place for your business to grow from vulnerability. With humor, he quickly offers you a different perspective on work situations. Even when a work-related question arose in the weekend, Marco took the time for a good conversation.

Karin de Jong

Marion S.

Marco is efficient, direct, involved, fast and reliable. An enthusiastic mentor with a critical eye and the absolute intention to help you move forward.
I would definitely recommend Marco if you want to professionalize yourself as a coach. You have to be able to take a punch, Marco challenges you to stand on your own two feet and to face the showdown with yourself.
Marco, thank you very much for what I was able to learn with and through you.

Marion S.

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