Reaching higher by going deeper

With the NOBCO inspiration cards you work on realising ambition and the enjoyment of harmony. These desires often clash, as I often notice with my clients. While a healthy balance is achievable for everyone! Because I really want you to experience this balance, I have written some exercises for these cards.

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The exercises help you visualize and let you feel what is important to you. From that experience change is accessible.

Warm up with the NOBCO inspiration cards

Use the inspiration cards for brain training.

Linked chain

  • Pak een willekeurige kaart uit de stapel.
  • Associeer er op los door een kralenketting van woorden te maken.
  • Bijvoorbeeld: Zonnebloem - Frankrijk - croissant - jam - vrucht - geboorte - spanning - elektriciteit - spaarlamp - sfeer - café - biertje.
    • Variant voor als je jezelf verder uit wilt dagen: maximaliseer het aantal woorden binnen 1 minuut maak de kralenketting rond door uit te komen bij het eerste woord
    • combineer bovenstaande twee.
    • verplicht jezelf de beginletters het alfabet te laten volgen: Afwasborstel - bezem - clochard - drankorgel - ensemble - fagot - et cetera.

Tips: Snel helpt, alles is goed, lachen mag.


As with the bead necklace, but now 1 card/word is central.

  • Take a random card from the pile.
  • Assocate from that same word over and over and over. Each petal is therefore a consequence of the initial word.
  • For example:
    • Relaxation
      • Yoga
      • Mowing the lawn
      • Massage
      • Holiday
      • Book
      • Drawing a mandala
      • Sleep
      • Hug
      • Postelastics
      • Beach
  • What image arises? What do you like? What stands out?
  • Variant: You can now continue per petal

The story that emerges spontaneously

  • Take five cards blindly
  • Arrange them randomly.
  • Tell a 'logical' story that fits the pictures.
  • Variant for your team:
    • Do this exercise with 4 colleagues and don't turn over the next card until it's your next turn.

Tips: Fast helps, everything is good, the crazier the better.

7x2 = impossible!

  • Randomly choose 14 cards.
  • Make 7 combinations of 2 cards that cannot be associated.
  • Find out how hard this is! Your brain is now set to automatically find the association!
  • Associating now happens naturally!

Targeted exercises for your career, relationship or lifepath

Once you've warmed up a little, you can start doing more focused exercises with your more flexible brain.

Dream job

  • Put all the cards open on the table.
  • Choose about 5 of them that somehow represent what your new job may look like.
  • Clear the other cards.
  • Make the story of your new job with these cards.
  • Ask someone else or find out which card (part of the story) makes you happiest.
  • Associate and dream on with that card.
  • Write your story.
  • Continue with this story in the bood 'De Creatiespiraal' byMarinus Knoope. XXX ander boek?

Dream relationship

  • Put all the cards open on the table.
  • Choose about 5 of them that indicate what you are looking for in a relationship.
  • Make an association flower per card.
  • Mark in your five flowers what you are happy with, what you want more of and what should end.
  • Variant: Compare and discuss your outcome with your partner.
  • Get moving to make that happen.

Life path- bucket list

  • Put all the cards open on the table.
  • Choose about 7 of them to illustrate what you want to achieve in life.
  • Make an association flower per card.
  • What values keep coming back?
  • Which steps are logical to take in order to realize these values?
  • Draw up your bucket list for your life!

How can coaching help me further?

Now you have started using the NOBCO inspiration cards to form an image of what you find important. Do you find it difficult to shape the change? Feel free to call me: 06-26866516. In a meeting, we will examine together how you can move forward with your new insights.

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