Where to, what for?

In a famous Dutch song by Mieke Telkamp sang to the melody of Amazing Grace she poses some very important questions.

Where does the road we have to take lead us?
What are we on earth for?

Unfortunately she doesn't give the answer in her classic. Eventhough these questions can weigh heavily on a person, I notice the coachees in my coaching practice.

Sometimes fed by life events such as illness, dismissal, death of loved ones, or relationships that break up. Often fed by other classics: "Is this all?", "Surely it can't be that I dedicate my working life to making as much money as possible? ", "I've been an entrepreneur for years. But isn't it time for something else? And then what? ”

sIt can be a lonely process. Your environment often thinks about it easily, or has no idea how disruptive it is to you inside.

Action perspective

In a short, thorough and highly effective coaching process, we will reflect together on what purpose means to you. You come into contact with what really matters to you. This creates a perspective for action: you realize again that you have an influence on your life and you discover what you can do yourself. Knowing your purpose = seeing opportunities = becoming active = setting goals = taking control of your life and going for something again. From paralysis back to movement.

That way, for that!

So that the next time you hear Mieke Telkamp, you can answer confidently: That way, for that! To be able to say in 30 years’ time, laughing and satisfied: I've got the most out of it.

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Frequently asked questions about purpose coaching

How does coaching on purpose issues work?

We start with a cup of coffee and a listening ear. You tell your story, I'll listen. My role: discover a common thread in your story, unravel together where you get stuck and expose the pain points. Then ask for recognition that you are in this situation. Then you often get more air. The ultimate goal is to find perspective again. I will help you with effective models and techniques.

I don't know exactly what I'm struggling with. Can you help me?

You can always come to me with the question: "Marco, it's not going well, something is gnawing, I have less fun in my life, but I can't put my finger on it myself. "It is my job as a master coach in purpose to work on this in a short and effective way.

Does anything else seem to underlie your complaints/questions? Know that you can also come to me for stress-related complaints, entrepreneurial issues, or leadership ambitions. And am I not the best person to help you? Then I will refer you to someone in my network who suits you better and who is the best person to do so.

Do I always have to change my whole work or life?

No. (Relieving? ;-) ) It often turns out that by making small adjustments in their lives, people already feel depth and purpose again. The SIMA-analysis, for example, is a strong tool to discover what you are excited about in life, and how you can integrate those elements into your work with small adjustments. For example, doing the same work for another organisation. Working less to be able to spend more time with your loved ones, or learning to add new elements to your current work.

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