Writing a review

I'm glad you're willing to write me a recommendation. On the one hand, a review will help you to get a good overview of what you have gained from our trajectory or the workshop. On the other hand, it helps me to inform prospects about my working method and gives people a good picture of how I work and what my clients have gained from it.

I've got a few places I'd like to see that review. Feel free to choose the place that suits you best. Of course I will be glad to see your contribution in multiple places, but that's not necessary.

Tips for writing a review

Suzanne Meijles van ProTaal's gives these tips to help you write a concise and powerful review.

  1. Describe the motivation: why this recommendation?
  2. Explain that the recommendation is about coaching, career coaching, a workshop, etc.
  3. Describe any hesitations you may have beforehand and how I have accommodated you (sometimes this is not so relevant).
  4. Describe what you appreciated most about me when you were with me.
  5. Describe what your process/workshop has yielded you. What (lasting) results do you experience?

You can write something about the whole process, a workshop, but also, for example, about the impression you had after the intake.

It could look like this, for example:

“I approached Marco when I no longer knew how to proceed with my career. After a reorganisation, I doubted whether I wanted to continue working in this company and in the new position. (1)
I also noticed that in my private life I became dissatisfied with the choices I was making. So it was time to do something about that. I chose someone a little further away from me to look at my life, my wishes and ambitions. (2)
I found it difficult to find a good coach, because there is a lot to choose from. My choice fell on Marco because he had also helped a former colleague of mine. (3)
In the process that followed with Marco, he asked me critical questions during the intake. He is sharp, involved and has a sense of humour. He works very practically and has also tapped into a deeper layer than I had expected beforehand. At first it felt quite intense, but afterwards it was also nice. In addition, he paid attention to me as a person: not only at work, but also in my private life.(4)
Partly because of Marco I have discovered why I am not enjoying my work. Thanks to an interview with my manager and a few small changes in my job, I have prepared an internal career step. That also gives me a lot of inner peace at home. Friends mention that they like to hang out with me again.(5)
I therefore advise anyone struggling with a career issue to call in Marco.”

If you find it hard... then I'm also willing to write your review!

Feel free to call me: 06-26866516 or ask me to call you: www.bit.ly/telco15

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