Reaching higher by going deeper

"I could not have imagined that the depth would be there so quickly; off to a full speed start"

On the intake form I wrote I was looking for quick depth. I could not have suspected this depth would come so quickly. In addition, my original question took an unexpected turn. Marco is sharp and takes "his whole being" into account during the intake (and afterwards) and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. Intake is not quite the right name in my opinion. After an hour and a half he had brought me a perspective I did not yet know. So in full speed ahead.

16 January 2023,
Jolanda Dwarswaard, Krimpen aan den IJssel

"Marco quickly sees through masks"

Marco is an energetic and pleasant coach who quickly sees through masks. This ensures that he can get to the core of what matters to you in a short time.
Among other things through exercises in which the experience is central, you get fine tools that you can apply immediately after your coaching itself.

30 March 2022,
Lenore Spruijt, Rotterdam

"Marco thinks in solutions, not in threats"

As a coach, Marco is incisive and lovingly confrontational. He invites you to get the best out of yourself. Marco thinks in solutions and not in threats. I have experienced him as a very competent coach.

19 January 2022,
Lucille Pronk, 's Gravezande

"Straight to the core of my coaching question"

My employer offered my coaching as part of a leadership program. Although I didn't think I had a direct coaching question in the leadership area, I decided to take advantage of the offer. Through a business recommendation I came into contact with Marco. After reading his website, I doubted whether his described way would not be too confrontational. On the other hand, it also felt like I needed Marco to get me moving. At the intake Marco took away all doubts and it felt right from the start. Together we immediately came to the core of my coach question, which I did not think I had. Marco got me moving by giving me insight in my behavior and actions. Simply by listening, asking questions and mirroring.
Marco's approach is to the point, with understanding and respect for the person and regularly with a bit of humor. I was the director of the entire process, both in terms of content and practicality. After six coaching sessions I look differently at myself and the world around me and I finish the coaching process with a satisfied feeling. I would definitely recommend Marco as a coach, even if you think you do not have a coaching question (secretly everyone has one).

3 August 2021,
Marvin Buskens, Rotterdam

"After the intake I already had the idea of 'having grown', while the coaching process had yet to begin"

The intake with Marco was very pleasant. The way Marco works and the setting in which this takes place, made me feel comfortable and safe. Safe enough to go into depth after only 10 minutes, where Marco immediately got hold of one of my pain points and gave insight into what was happening. After the intake I already had the idea of "having grown", while the coaching process had yet to begin. Marco radiates calm and confidence. It is clear that he has not just become a coach, but is well educated. The way of asking questions and analyzing are without judgment and enormously helpful to quickly reach insight and thus results.

28 July 2021,
Marvin Buskens, Rotterdam

"what motivates me is now clear"

The coaching conversations within the framework of SIMA have given me a better picture of myself. I like the fact that what motivates me is now clear and on paper. Marco is also a pleasant sparring partner.

26 May 2021,
Alexander Volk, Rotterdam

"I regularly think back to our coaching sessions and what they brought me."

I have had very positive experiences with my career coaching sessions with Marco. He listens well, his analysis is thorough and his advice is clear. You can rely on Marco's thorough and broad knowledge. It's up to me now. I regularly think back to our coaching sessions and what it brought me.

25 May 2021,
Christof Wielemaker, Rotterdam

"A more targeted search for a suitable working environment"

The investment in the SIMA motivation analysis has paid off in a clear picture of my motives and where I can be at my best. This has enabled me to better focus my search for a suitable working environment.

27 April 2021,
Erdinc Sengul

"Creating and maintaining my own hapiness at work"

The SIMA analysis has been very helpfull to me with the insight into my motivations and preferences for the work environment through the SIMA analysis. When applying for a new job and now during the first weeks in my new job, I am always very aware of how I can create and maintain my own happiness at work. Thank you for your guidance!

27 April 2021,
Linda Terlouw

"I am really making progress"

My SIMA analysis and coaching have not yet been completed, but I am already happy with the insight into what drives me and what work environment and topics inspire me. Thanks to Marco's coaching and SIMA, I am really making progress. This programme is of real value!

27 April 2021,
Hannah van Meurs

"SIMA works like a train and Marco is the perfect driver"

SIMA takes you back to basics: what are you interested in and what makes you really happy? A simple question on the face of it, but it is difficult to filter out the expectations of others. The realisation that you have started to behave according to the image that others have of you and what you can do for them is confusing. With SIMA Marco guides you to 'do what you want with your life'. This is not easy, but ultimately you are the one at the wheel.

27 April 2021,
Gerrit Jan Wielinga

"A bit sceptical about coaching, but that soon disappeared'

I am quite down-to-earth and a little sceptical about coaching. Especially the latter disappeared quickly in my conversations with Marco. The SIMA analysis provided me with answers and its application brought me much insight and pleasure. Worthy of a recommendation, thanks!

27 April 2021,
Sander Jellema

"Good picture of my ideal work environment"

Thanks to the SIMA Motivation Analysis and the accompanying interviews, I now have a good idea of what an ideal working environment is for me. Working together is important to me, so I prefer to work in a team. Teamwork keeps me focused and I like the mutual contacts. For good results, I need cooperation.

27 April 2021,
Ruud Hummel

"Like shoes that fit comfortably!"

The SIMA motivation analysis and the coaching sessions brought me clarity and insight. It was the start of a change that I had wanted for a long time. A key role that suits me enormously. I never knew how true that is. I have gained enough ideas to be able to continue my career with great pleasure. It fits, just like shoes that fit comfortably!

27 April 2021,
Annemarie Labee

"Because the question was more concrete, so was the approach".

Marco came across my path by chance when I was looking for a coach to spar about some life questions (pitfalls). After the first meeting I was not sure whether his approach was what I needed. After a short break, we formulated the question differently. Because the question was more concrete, so was the approach. With the right questions from Marco, we came to the core. Marco held up a mirror to me in a pleasant way. He was confrontational and yet also gentle, gave advice, was empathetic and with his 'homework' I could get to work myself.

The pleasant sessions brought me further. Marco turned out to be the right man at the right time. Are you struggling and can you use some help? Then I would definitely recommend Marco.

25 March 2021,
Maarten Bertens

"Marco's coaching gave me wings!"

Marco's coaching gave me wings! I got stuck as an entrepreneur and in my private life, because the corona crisis hit me. After one 'blow' too many
I looked for help from Marco. Especially in how I could continue to feel confidence in my entrepreneurship.
I knew Marco through NOBCO. Because he is also a business coach, I asked him for help.
Marco is both firm and soft in his guidance. It gave me renewed courage and
confidence came back. He is a keen observer, which made me feel seen. The
combination of being heard and being challenged worked well for me. My coach question
about being allowed to be visible came into its own.
An early online conversation (07:00 a.m.!) also gave me energy. Besides my focus on working IN my
company, I have learned that it is precisely working ON my company that is future-oriented. By doing that more often now
By doing that more, working IN my company becomes easier. Among other things because I now delegate more.

The question Marco asked me that made a difference was: "Why should you choose? I became
I became aware that I can make full use of the combination of my talents. Nothing has to go overboard. This is how
I got back into the saddle and my company is flourishing from the multicolour and versatility that suits me.

25 March 2021,
Solange Boasman

Marco invites to talk. Through short simple questions, his ability to listen well and give feedback, a very intense and deep and personal conversation follows. By asking a few short, to the point, questions a deep clear conversation develops from the beginning and at the end you have a lot of material to further think about. Marco offers the possiblity or recording the conversation. I recommend listening back to the conversation.
What also appealed to me is that Marco is good at clarifying the relationship between the brain, the heart and the belly. Marco also opens up himself by using examples from the personal sphere. I am already looking forward to the next conversation!

8 February 2021,
Hans Meeder

A business coach who is a good listener, quickly gets to the essence and lifts your business to a higher level; that's Marco Tieleman, a top coach.
His calmness and experience provide a safe place for your business to grow from vulnerability. With humor, he quickly offers you a different perspective on work situations. Even when a work-related question arose in the weekend, Marco took the time for a good conversation.

18 January 2021,
Karin de Jong

Marion S.

Marco is efficient, direct, involved, fast and reliable. An enthusiastic mentor with a critical eye and the absolute intention to help you move forward.
I would definitely recommend Marco if you want to professionalize yourself as a coach. You have to be able to take a punch, Marco challenges you to stand on your own two feet and to face the showdown with yourself.
Marco, thank you very much for what I was able to learn with and through you.

9 July 2020,
Marion S.


A good coach has a lot of luggage in the form of insights, advice and useful tips. The difficulty is often to give for that one specific situation at that one moment only that one, that very best tip. The one that really hits home and that you can work with, right at that moment. That requires a lot of insight, listening, observing, a short question or remark at the right moment, that requires... Fingerspitzengefühl.

Thanks for your excellent advice Marco.

18 April 2020,
Paul Eijgenraam

"Closer to my feelings"

My experience with the intake interview with Marco started with a friendly and quiet reception. After an open initial question Marco was able to peel off a number of layers in a short period of time and arrive at a first core question or problem. By asking questions, giving examples and observing well, I managed to get even closer to my feelings and other questions. All this in a respectful and calm way.

The result of this intake interview is that a changed awareness and a number of insights have already emerged, which provide good starting points for further development. With this, and with an appropriate homework assignment, I can immediately get to work for and with myself!

12 December 2019,
Hugo von Aesch

"Dynamic and customized workshop"

Internally we were forwarded the workshops of Bloei. I immediately noticed the title of one of the workshops: Less stress, more fun. Who doesn't want that? Especially the sentence in the advertisement: That you want to do so much good, that you actually don't have enough time for it? appealed to me personally. We were with a small, but varied, group and under Marco's leadership there was fun interaction. It's interesting to hear that experiencing stress is different for everyone, but also has a lot in common. Marco did not have a fixed list that had to be checked. This resulted in a dynamic and tailor-made workshop. In the end we worked on personal improvement points by means of role-plays. I take a number of tips & tricks with me, in order to better frame my work. I' m going to work with this.

7 November 2019,
Dexter van Gisteren

"A surprising, confronting and flawless mirror"

Marco sees through who you really are, and he does it fast! He won't let you fool him. I discovered my blockages because he keeps asking and challenging me. The intake showed who I am and what I stand for, but also what bothers me. A surprising, confronting and flawless mirror. The homework assignment was an energy boost. In short: Do you want to continue to develop, go into depth and don't back down for a confrontation with yourself? Then you won't regret a meeting with Marco.

8 August 2019,
Anja van der Starre

"Open and sometimes confronting but above all a safe environment"

Recently I had the opportunity to get acquainted with Marco Tieleman. I was looking for a coach to help me get myself and my work situation back on track. Through the CSR website I chose to do an intake with Marco based on the descriptions. I took the plunge and made an appointment. In Rotterdam I had the intake interview and that was a very good experience. Open and sometimes confronting but above all a safe environment to put everything on the table. In my opinion Marco quickly figured out where the knobs are to let me talk and that makes this intake very valuable. I really hope that my employer is willing to go along with this approach. I found this intake to be very valuable. Marco my thanks and respect for achieving so much in 1.5 hours.

19 May 2019,

"Marco puts his finger on the sore spot almost immediately"

My question was to be more assertive. Marco's approach is straightforward, professional, he puts his finger on the problem almost immediately, he has a lot of depth and space to discover/process what is going on. My result is that I can be more assertive and know what I need to pay attention to in order to achieve that.

12 April 2019,

"Solid interlocutor and good coach"

"As a result of a subsidy scheme of the replacement fund, I came to Marco Tieleman as school principal. In the coaching process the focus was on dealing with, reducing and/or preventing absenteeism. On the basis of current cases, Marco has made a considerable contribution to increasing my (theoretical) knowledge and acting repertoire regarding absenteeism and personnel care. After each session I went home with good literature, new knowledge and practical tips. The suggestions and advice I received all turned out positively.
The contact with Marco went smoothly and quickly. An appointment is easy to make. His broad knowledge and experience make Marco a solid conversation partner and a good coach.
I therefore gladly recommend Coaching Rotterdam."

5 November 2018,
Robert de Jong, principal IKC 't Palet

"Sober, straightforward and involved"

Marco is down to earth, straightforward and involved in his approach. I learned a lot about myself in the sessions with him. Marco is involved, professional and clear. And he has humor!

16 September 2016,
Yvonne Eijlders

"into the depths, if that's what you want."

What are we gonna do today? That's the first question you get at every appointment. Why is that? Because you're the determining factor. What do you want to work on? That means you really have to work on it yourself. Marco is very competent and really goes for it. He goes into depth, if that's what you want. Marco takes education seriously and is enormously interested in people and their motives. You are in a safe environment, you can say anything and feel seen and touched. I warmly recommend Marco.

14 February 2016,
Carmen Bautista

"A nice quiet coach"

I was looking for a coach who would teach me how to be a bit stronger in my shoes. How do you like that? I typed the word subassertive on google, well the choice was huge but that's how I ended up with Marco. Marco is a nice and calm coach, who can listen and read in between sentences and then confronts you with yourself in a pleasant way. Of course it's exciting to enter a coaching process, you can not do it, then you keep doing what you do. Yes and growing, you do it yourself! Marco asked me: Who do you want to be? My answer was: myself with the soft side to the outside world. This produces beautiful things, I pause more at moments of happiness, enjoy myself more, feel freer. I have no regrets that I went onto this path.

17 October 2015,
Anne Ran

"A clear mirror has been held up to us"

The team coaching by Marco was good. Marco held up a clear mirror to us about the consequences of our behaviour and helped us improve. After the coaching, we made a new start together. We all want to put our shoulders to the wheel again. We are taking back control. || through CoachNetwork

22 May 2015,
Gert-Jan Brouwer

"Persevering coach in a pleasant way"

Marco brings out the key points and gives you handles on how to deal with them. He doesn't take you by the hand, if you want to grow you have to do it yourself. He is persistent in a pleasant way. I think Marco is an excellent coach. (via CoachNetwork)

18 May 2015,
Hans van het Hooft

"A pleasant, good and driven coach"

Would you like to gain other insights and get to know yourself better in a short period of time? Then I advise you to contact Marco; a pleasant, good and driven coach. (via CoachNetwork)

24 March 2015,
Monique Meertins, PA at VNG

"Marco touches the right chord"

Effective, direct and attentive. Marco touches the right chord to activate the entrepreneur in people. He offers perspectives with which you can broaden your horizon. The various adequate handles he provides promote efficiency in my practice. I am very happy with his coaching.

21 March 2015,
Veronique Prins

"Was inspired and touched by his coaching"

"Marco Tieleman coached me for six months. Through his enthusiasm and involvement he has inspired and touched me. It's good to be held up a mirror and to think about what you want and how you're going to get there".

28 October 2013,
Olga Draisma

"Warm, direct and humorous"

I still benefit a lot from the process I have done with Marco. By asking questions and doing various exercises, he lets you look at yourself. Sometimes quite confrontational, but through his warm, direct and humorous way of coaching he creates a safe environment to do that. Really valuable, I have learned a lot, I am still reaping the benefits!

21 October 2013,
Cora from Rotterdam

"Mirror on thoughts and feelings"

It struck me (already in the first conversation) that Marco, mainly by mirroring my thoughts and feelings, could give me insight into my most important questions and choices of that moment.

1 October 2013,
Jeroen Roos

"Quick to the essence"

By asking the right questions Marco quickly gets to the essence. This provided me with very useful insights, from which I learned.

2 February 2013,
Laura M. Bronkhorst, Accountmanager Pensions at AEGON Nederland

"Excellent guidance"

With my personal situation as a suitable starting point, Marco's excellent guidance now gives me, as an entrepreneur, a good picture of the various options. The first steps have been taken, with confidence for the future.

16 October 2012,
Simone van Maurik

"In only 3 sessions my problem is solved"

I couldn't even clearly identify my problem at first. Thanks to Marco's rapid understanding and the right questions, in just three sessions not only did I succeed, but my problem was also solved. A lot to think about, also after our meetings. I certainly recommend Marco, also for students.

22 September 2012,
Wannes Salome

"Maximum learning yield"

Marco has given 3 workshops for MVO Nederland: presentation skills, conversation techniques and process guidance. Marco really immerses himself in the developments of the company and how these are experienced by employees. He makes a translation so that the meetings are suitable for both employees and organization. Marco does not have a standard story and responds flexibly to what is going on. This ensures that participants continue to take part and that the learning benefits are maximised.

1 September 2011,
Bernedine Bos, manager at MVO Nederland

"Wide-ranging, creative and personal"

Marco stimulates you as entrepreneur when it comes to expressing your goals in sharp terms and immediately getting to work with the well thought-out tools he provides. He generously shares his knowledge, experience and network. In a creative, personal way he shows to be broadly oriented.

30 June 2011,
Audrey Coert, landscape designer| city designer| architect at Land-made

"Positive contribution to the personal development of our employees"

Our project leaders and managers have followed a number of training courses by Marco over the years. These have been received with enthusiasm. Techniques are still put into practice on a daily basis. The sessions have undoubtedly made a positive contribution to the quality of our service, and to the personal development of our employees.

24 July 2010,
Michel Baars, company director Search BV

"Definitely the best workshop"

Technical Manager at Solidus
A very exciting and clear workshop. Concerning the many workshops I followed and organized for personal development this was definitely the best.

17 December 2007,
Roel Troost

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