Does someone else define your life?

You're taking on a new project when you're actually full. You know that your fellow manager earns more for the same work, but you don't dare ask for a salary increase. Or you do stand up for yourself in a difference of opinion, but you feel so much tension that your message does not get across and you are stressed for days.

Always taking other people's opinions into account can be very frustrating. Many people even get physical complaints from it. Headaches, being tired all the time, or that tension in your shoulders that just won't go away.

A strength that starts from balance

The solution lies in individual assertiveness training. In a personal assertiveness training with me in Rotterdam you learn to take space for your own wishes and interests. Even if they go against someone else's interests.

Does being assertive mean that you always put your own interests first? No. Being assertive is a force that comes from balance. So you also learn to feel in which situations you like to contribute to someone else's interests. Or even better: learning to go for a win-win.

Grow in a way that suits you

This process can feel exciting. That is why it is good to follow an assertiveness training under the guidance of a very experienced assertiveness coach. With me you research in a safe setting where there is room for growth, and how you can master this in small steps in a way that suits you.

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Frequently asked questions about assertiveness training

Why is coaching assertiveness necessary?

If you constantly conform to what your environment expects, you live the life that others define for you. How will you look back on that when you are 80? Taking space means being yourself. Developing your talents. Following your interests. To be heard and seen. Live your life on your terms. To learn that, you follow an assertiveness training at Coaching Rotterdam.

How does an assertiveness training at Coaching Rotterdam work?

The coaching is always individual. We look at causes, patterns, and underlying beliefs. What do you say to yourself that prevents you from standing up for your interests? I help you through warm engagement, sharp questions, and mirroring. We work with proven techniques and models, and break the vicious circle you've been in for so long. You will discover new beliefs and continuously learn new behaviours.

Can I combine assertiveness training with e-coaching?

Certainly. A lot of coachees do this. In the secure online environment Pluform you have the opportunity every day to share experiences, ask questions, or seek advice in the event of a difficult or stressful situation. Pluform gives you extra fast results, and you always have a helping hand at home or at work. Providing peace and security.

How many sessions are needed to become more assertive?

Most of the professionals and managers I coach have achieved their goals in a short and effective process of 4 to 5 meetings: Relaxed and confident in doing their job, feeling what they need in all kinds of situations, and being able to act accordingly. They experience finally having space to realize their own wishes and dreams.

How others grew...

"Warm, direct and humorous"

I still benefit a lot from the process I have done with Marco. By asking questions and doing various exercises, he lets you look at yourself. Sometimes quite confrontational, but through his warm, direct and humorous way of coaching he creates a safe environment to do that. Really valuable, I have learned a lot, I am still reaping the benefits!

Cora from Rotterdam

"A pleasant, good and driven coach"

Would you like to gain other insights and get to know yourself better in a short period of time? Then I advise you to contact Marco; a pleasant, good and driven coach. (via CoachNetwork)

Monique Meertins, PA at VNG

"A nice quiet coach"

I was looking for a coach who would teach me how to be a bit stronger in my shoes. How do you like that? I typed the word subassertive on google, well the choice was huge but that's how I ended up with Marco. Marco is a nice and calm coach, who can listen and read in between sentences and then confronts you with yourself in a pleasant way. Of course it's exciting to enter a coaching process, you can not do it, then you keep doing what you do. Yes and growing, you do it yourself! Marco asked me: Who do you want to be? My answer was: myself with the soft side to the outside world. This produces beautiful things, I pause more at moments of happiness, enjoy myself more, feel freer. I have no regrets that I went onto this path.

Anne Ran

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