The manager as facilitator of teams

Leading a team requires a broad palette of knowledge and skills. Compare it to the pentathlon in athletics. You have to master all disciplines to win the prizes. Few people naturally master all the knowledge and skills needed to make teams excel. Few people are able to trust each other by nature as well. According to the pyramid of Lencioni this trust is at the basis of successful teams.

What are you ambitions and challenges?

A better functioning team requires personal leadership from you as a manager. Fortunately, these skills are easy to develop. We do this together in an individual leadership training. Your ambitions and challenges are the starting point of our discussions. We also examine the context and characteristics of your team. Sometimes we use a DISC analysis for this purpose.

Accelerator & cataclyst

True leaders know when they need a catalyst to speed up a process. These are the people I coach. With a powerful coach next to you, you'll grow faster, and you'll avoid wasting time on the way to your goals.

After attending the leadership training you have grown in personal leadership and you take up your leadership role with conviction. For peace of mind, growth in effectiveness of yourself and your team, and balance in your life.

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Are you looking for a training in managing Rotterdam? As a specialist in coaching high professionals, entrepreneurs and CEO's, I know the (complex) issues that go with leadership. I would like to invite you to discover if we match.

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Frequently asked questions about leadership training

Leadership coaching? If you clearly tell your team what to do, that's enough, isn't it?

Dominant leadership is less and less accepted. And rightly so. Modern leaders are mainly facilitators. What does a team need in order to work in a result-oriented and pleasant way? This requires new skills, and a reassessment of the classic leadership role. Leadership coaching takes you further in this.

What do you learn during the leadership training?

You develop your own style of leadership and dare to be yourself in this. You can set limits, give and receive feedforward in a relaxed way, learn to use your team members’ strengths, and learn to deal with resistance and the diversity of personalities in your team. You have confidence in your own abilities and are open to new challenges.

For who is the leadership training?

For anyone who wants to grow in (personal) leadership. I supervise new and experienced team leaders in areas such as healthcare, technology, government and finance. I also coach many entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their teams for a better business result. Often the reason is the (rapid) growth of their company, difficulty with delegating, and a disrupted work-life balance.

As leadership coach in Rotterdam, what sets you apart?

Group training often offers too little attention to your personal situation. With me there is 100% attention for you. In addition, I am a very experienced leadership coach, in possession of the 2 highest coaching certifications you can get in Europe. We quickly go in-depth, and teach you how to apply theory and insights directly. Most of the people I coach have achieved their goals in 4 to 5 sessions.

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A coaching question about leadership is never just about leadership, but about who you are in relation to your surroundings, and where that might hurt. So we look further and deeper. Does this appeal to you?

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