This is how succesful companies deal with talent

Successful companies have a vision of attracting, strengthening and retaining talent. A vision that fits what employees want. What the company needs. And the future of the market, and the knowledge and skills that are needed.

Important signals

How do you know if it is necessary to sharpen or develop your HR vision? Important signals are:

  • You don't have a vision yet.
  • There is a lot of absenteeism, but you are not yet engaged in prevention (of chronic stress, for example).
  • You notice that the turnover in the organization is high.
  • As an organisation, you have no insight into what knowledge/skills are needed to stay ahead of your competitors in 1, 3, or 5 years’ time. Or you do have the insight, but no plan to achieve it.
  • You don't know what your employees (individually) need to really enjoy their work.
  • Your ambition is to be a 'Great Place to Work' in x years, or to increase your employee satisfaction.

How do you solve this?

As a very experienced and certified coach I help you through a clear step-by-step plan in a number of conversations to bring you closer to your goals:

  • A vision of where you want to go as a company, the why behind it and how to achieve it.
  • Motivated employees who are well equipped for the task of today and tomorrow.
  • Prevent unnecessary costs due to poor policy and unmotivated employees.
  • More results for the company.

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Frequently asked questions about talent management

What is talent management?

Talent management is broad. Among other things, it is about identifying strengths and motivations of employees. But it is also about creating a working environment in which employees can grow and feel safe. Some organisations only use talent management for high potentials. Other organisations have a programme for all employees.

What is the purpose of talent management?

We live in an identity economy: where the main purpose of work is to develop yourself as a person. Take this into account in your vision of talent management, and you address your employee on their entire humanity: knowledge, skills, norms and values, and on their need for meaning. Organisations that play into this today are the winning organisations of tomorrow.

Why is talent management coaching a good idea?

Talent management is broad. From vision development to formulating training plans. From facilitating career opportunities, to adjusting performance interviews. I help you with the most important part: vision. Once you've got that clear, the next steps are a lot easier. If you need help with this as well, I will refer you to people in my network who can do the implementation support with you.

How does Coaching Rotterdam help you further in talent management?

Because of 15+ years of coaching experience with CEO's, entrepreneurs, and executives, I know the topics that leaders in organizations run into in talent management. I helped all these people find solutions. In addition, I am accredited for using HR tools such as DISC, and the SIMA Motivation Analysis. I analyse whether it makes sense to use these. I can also supervise the output + start of the implementation.

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