Why well-known tips & tricks don't work

A time management training or book is usually about adjusting behaviour: how to get more done in less time. Numerous tips, tricks and schedules pass by. And for a while it goes well. But after this small surge you fall back into old behaviour, with the accompanying stress.

This is because there are usually deeper patterns underlying the way you deal with your time and priorities. Fear of conflict, perfectionism, or the feeling of not being well equipped for the task. All patterns that no Time management for Dummies or Getting Things Done can sustainably cope with.

Why are your patterns working against you?

Patterns are the combination of trigger + behaviour. When your phone is on your desk, 'seeing the phone' is a trigger. Picking up the phone and checking messages you received' is behaviour. If you no longer want to be distracted by that phone, it is important that you either remove the trigger (put the phone out of sight and out of range), or change the behaviour that follows the trigger (don't pick up the phone). Like this a human has dozens of conscious and unconscious patterns.

This is how you achive profound change

With all this we will start working in the individual time management training. Profound change occurs by reflecting on your behaviour, attitude, values, your identity and what you believe about yourself. Then underlying patterns and causes become clear. By working on this with me as a time management coach, your attitude changes. Read my e-book about reflecting (Dutch).

Of course you will learn to apply well-known and unknown time management tips. But these are fully tailored to your situation. In this way you learn to keep control of your own time. You get more out of your day, get your work done, and experience more peace of mind.  

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Frequently asked questions about time management training

For whom is a time management training at Coaching Rotterdam suitable?

For professionals who find it difficult to get their work done, procrastinate, are perfectionist, have difficulty asking for help and defining boundaries. For leaders who want to achieve their goals in a busy playing field of conflicting interests. For executives who need to be able to make quick choices in a demanding environment.

Why a time management training? I'll just read a book.

Did you schedule time to read that book? Does the book adapt to your situation and insights? Does the book keep you accountable? Does it help you if you get stuck? A personal time management training gives you all this. You know that you will make progress, precisely because you have planned the time for the appointments. We're really going to get going. I'm not going to let you get away with making lame excuses. You need that, and you know it.

As a time management coach, do you already have tips for time management?

Which person do you want to be when you look back on your day? Successful people immediately pick up that big, annoying task in the morning that costs the most energy. Then you feel satisfied, and the rest of the day can only get better. Another tip: reflect. In my e-book you can read 'learning to reflect on 3 levels'. XXX is het e-book er al in het Engels?

What does my life look like after the time management training?

Even after the time management training a week has only 168 hours. However, the time management training allows you to arrange and shape your life in a way that suits you. You will learn to make time for what is really important to you and you will once again be the director of your own life.

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No time for time management training? Hmm... ;-). E-coaching saves you travel time, and you’ll always have a helpline on hand when you're in a challenging situation. Does this appeal to you?

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