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As a director, director or CEO, executive coaching is not a luxury, but a necessity. You carry a lot of responsibility and have to deal with complex (ethical) issues and personal dilemmas. In your position, you have to make a difference. Growing in leadership skills will help you do that.

This is where things go wrong in most executive trajectories

  • Focus on reflection and insight, but no plan for assured implementation.
  • Coaching takes place behind closed doors. Management, management and your other internal stakeholders are not involved in the changes you go through. This makes you less motivated to work on that change.
  • The ROI of the trajectory is missing or is not measurable.

The alternative: Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching (SCC) removes all these objections. In your development, your most important stakeholders (your fellow board members, MT members, direct colleagues and members of your team) play an important role.
This no cure no pay method was developed by top leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, and is used worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. I am one of the Associate Executive Coaches of Marshall Goldsmith SCC.

The 3 most important benefits of Stakeholder Centered Coaching:

  • Focus on insight and visible, permanent implementation. So your valuable time investment pays for itself in many ways. Guaranteed.
  • The coaching process is transparent. Your most important stakeholders are involved in the entire process for a maximum of 12 months. They assess your progress. It takes less than 10 minutes per month from them.
  • You work on measurable objectives. 97% of the coachees achieve their objectives. Can't you do it? Then you pay nothing.

Result of leadership coaching with Stakeholder Centered Coaching

You grow as a leader and a person and you are better able to steer on people and numbers.
To get a grip on your responsibilities and enjoy your day.

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Stakeholder Centered Coaching isn't for everyone. You have to have discipline, courage and humility, and be able to commit to this method for 12 months. In a no-obligation introductory meeting, we will determine together your suitability for this form of executive coaching.

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Frequently asked questions about Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Who is Marshall Goldsmith?

  • Marshall Goldsmith is the founder of Stakeholder Centered Coaching.
  • Designated by Forbes as one of the 5 most respected executive coaches in the world.
  • Included by The Times in the list of 15 greatest 'Business thinkers' in the world.
  • Designated by The Wall Street Journal as one of the 10 best executive trainers in the world.
  • He is asking €300.000,- for an annual trajectory. Coaching Rotterdam charges less. And: You only pay when you get results!

How does Stakeholder Centered Coaching work?

1: At the start of the program you choose 2 leadership skills in which you want to grow in 12 months. In daily practice, you work in a structured way with the stakeholders involved to achieve these goals. For example: better delegation, more effective communication or faster decision-making.
2: You will ask monthly questions and receive feedback on your goals from the stakeholders involved.
3: You incorporate your insights and feedforward in a monthly action plan.
4: You implement new insights and behaviour in your work. Your stakeholders are watching.
5: You repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until month 12.
6: We evaluate twice in between, and at the end.
7: You draw up the final evaluation together with your stakeholders. They will determine whether you have achieved your goals.

What are the benefits of Stakeholder Centered Coaching at Coaching Rotterdam?

With 2 x the highest coaching certification you can get in Europe, and with almost 15 years of experience in coaching high professionals and executives, I can coach you very effectively and thoroughly. I integrate head, heart and guts, in a concrete way. Combine this with the no cure no pay guarantee of Stakeholder Centered Coaching, and you have a guaranteed approach to success.

What is the result of Stakeholder Centered Coaching?

Measurable behavioural change. You grow as a person, and your business grows with you. That gives you a healthier company. You grow significantly in your chosen leadership skills. You communicate easier, listen better, delegate sooner or make decisions in better consultation. And not to forget: You as a top manager experience a relaxed working day with a lot of satisfaction.  

I don't have time. Do you also do Stakeholder Centered Coaching remotely?

Stakeholder Centered Coaching consists of a trajectory of 12 months, in which you invest 2 hours of your time in coaching every month. You then apply what you have learned in daily practice. If you live further away or have little time, we make use of unlimited video calls.

As an executive coach, I am always available for you in this trajectory. By video call or e-mail. Because challenges just turn up unplanned. Are you curious whether this form of coaching is suitable for you?

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