My experience with the intake interview with Marco started with a friendly and quiet reception. After an open initial question Marco was able to peel off a number of layers in a short period of time and arrive at a first core question or problem. By asking questions, giving examples and observing well, I managed to get even closer to my feelings and other questions. All this in a respectful and calm way.

The result of this intake interview is that a changed awareness and a number of insights have already emerged, which provide good starting points for further development. With this, and with an appropriate homework assignment, I can immediately get to work for and with myself!

Hugo von Aesch, Rotterdam 12-12-2019

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In een vrijblijvend kennismakingsgesprek proef je alvast hoe het is om door mij gecoacht te worden en zet je meteen de eerste stap op weg naar opkomen voor jouw belang.

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